Who’s on first?

Sarasota today, no game tomorrow and Dunedin on Thursday.  Bus left at 9 a.m. today for the 56-mile trip south to play the Orioles.

Abbott & Costello had a comedy routine a few moons ago—make that decades—“Who’s on first?”  Well, with two weeks left in spring training, that question still applies to the Phillies.  With Utley sidelined, Galvis looks like he’ll be “Who’s on second?”  Then, still to be determined, “Who’s in left?”  The three answers could be Mayberry, Galvis, Mayberry but no team has ever had one player play two different positions at the same time.  Really, that’s a fact.

Tomorrow is a day off.  Players needing medical treatment have between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. to get that done in the training room at Bright House Field.

Two games will be played at 1 in the afternoon at Carpenter Complex, AAA and AA Yankees against the Phillies AAA and AA rosters.  Remember, those games are free.

Around Camp
**Camp number was reduced to 41 with Phillippe Aumont, Michael Schwimer, Jeremy Horst and David Purcey sent to the Complex early this morning.

**Joe Blanton is pitching in one of the Complex games today..

**Minor leaguers Jay Johnson (49), Jordan Whatcott (37), Tyson Brummett (38) and Miguel Abreu (11) are on the Sarasota trip today.  Abreu is an infielder, the other three pitchers.

**Monday’s crowd of 10, 853 is the third largest in Bright House Field history.

**Second group of Phillies sponsors arrives on Thursday for the weekend.

**Mike Missanelli, 97.5 The Fanatic, will broadcast live from the Diamond Dugout Thursday and Friday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Spring Training Memories
Charlie Manuel

“1964 with the Twins minor league camp which was then in Fernando Beach, FL.  Told to report to Jack McKeon (one of the managers) at a hotel.  Don’t remember the name of the hotel. Jack said to check in at the front desk for a room.  Told him I was married.  He said, then check out realtors.  Wound up with a two-bedroom apartment on the beach.  I remember my first uniform number was 9.  There were a lot of minor leaguers there, something like 190.  I was just a kid and fit in with the rest of the young kids with talent, only I knew I could hit.”

For Alumni spring training memories, check out www.phillies.com/alumni.

Being Wednesday is a day off, that means a day off for Phillies Insider. 


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