Afternoon in Dunedin

Normal workout was held at Bright House Field at 10 this morning and then the 3-mile trip to Dunedin for the afternoon game.  Those not on the trip were finished for the day.

Prior to the morning workout, Dubee had Amount on the half-field mound for a side throwing session.   At the same time, Posednik and Gillies were practicing drug bunts on the half field.  Smaller instructional sessions are common every day, sometimes in the morning and sometimes after BP.  The indoor batting cages at Bright House Field are always in use.  Hitters love to hit.  Pitchers love to bunt….well, maybe love is not the right word.

Phillies are home (Clearwater) the next two days, Astros and Pirates.  Gates open at 10:30 each morning.

Following the minor league workouts at Carpenter Field on Wednesday and Thursday, there will be evening education seminars with those players.  Susan Ingersoll Papaneri, Director, Baseball Administration, has lineed up Elaine Pasqua to speak to the players about life choices they will face, from alcohol to drugs to sex to increased violence.  Ms. Pasqua spoke with the selected minor league players who were at Citizens Bank Park in January and was so well received, Susan felt it was worthy of presenting the same program to all the minor league players. 

MLB has a similar program every spring for players in the big league camps.

Camp Notes
**Latest radio station from the north to broadcast live from the Tiki Bar is 1320 Lehigh Valley, Michael Mreczko, 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

**94WIP’s morning crew will be in camp starting on Thursday, 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

**All-Star 2B Dave Cash will throw out the first ball on Thursday.

Spring Training Memories
Coach Juan Samuel
“1981 in the Phillies minor league camp at the Complex.  Stayed at the Days Inn in Pinellas Park.  My first roommate was Juan Nataniel, but he got released.  Then, Julio Espinosa, Nino’s brother.  That was my first flight and first time out of the Dominican.  I remember wearing a three-piece, light-blue, pin-striped suit.  The shuttle ride from the Tampa airport was an adventure. I told the driver we were staying at the Days Inn on Clearwater Beach but we couldn’t find it.  Finally, he asked to see my information sheet from the Phillies.  The hotel was in Pinellas Park and not on the beach.”

More Alumni memories from spring training can be found at

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