Seminoles In Town

Happy birthday to anyone born on February 29.  Sorry to be so personal, but how old are you?

Today is game day with the Florida State Seminoles at Bright House Field.  While FSU practiced at the ballpark, the Phillies did their morning drills at Carpenter Complex. Short workout on Thursday followed by annual team golf outing, normal workout on Friday and then the Grapefruit League games begin.

Clearwater opener is Saturday vs. the Yankees, 1:05 p.m. WPHT and 94 WIP on Radio; Comcast SportsNet for TV.  Also on Major League Baseball Network and MLB.TV.

New Alumni Features
Check out for a couple of new features.  One is a story about the Paul Owens memorial bronze bust that was unveiled earlier this week.

The second is a 40th anniversary story of the Rick Wise-Steve Carlton trade, one that wasn’t well received by Phillies fans.

Camp Notes
**Ed Wade arrived in camp.  He’s a special consultant to Ruben.  Ed’s roll will be to follow the Phillies, both on the major league and minor league levels down here.  He’s also assigned to the Orioles and Pirates big league clubs in spring training.  In season, scouting some big league teams and minor leagues, including the Phillies minor league players.

**Annual Major League Photo Day starts at 7 a.m. on Thursday.  MLB licensees, wire services and TV networks will have stations set up for the players to parade through.  Entire process takes nearly two hours.

**Thanks to all you Phillies Insider readers.  Among the MLB Pro blogs on, the Insider ranked 12th in January.  Three below is Tommy Lasorda’s World.  Hard to believe we’ve finally passed him.  Guess next aim is #6, Baseball Nerd—Keith Olbermann.  May be tough to catch him.  He has a little more national exposure.

Spring Training Memories
Larry Christenson (RHP, 1973-83) 

  “It was 1973 with the Phillies in Clearwater. I was No. 51. Roy Thomas was my roomie. What I remember from that first day was the dozens of writers and media that were following Steve Carlton around like the ‘Pied Piper’. He had won 27 games the previous year and I was wondering who this Carlton guy was. I enjoyed the sun, the fun and competing for a spot on the team. I didn’t like running because of my terribly bad back and the painful back spasms I would go through.”

More Alumni memories can be found at

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Planning on attending practice on Friday. Would dearly love to get either a Ryno or Lee autograph but am not optimistic of my chances as I had no luck last weekend. Also, have tickets for Saturday and Sunday’s games…figured practice might be a better place for autographs though. Just moved to Tampa a few months ago, so have no real frame of reference on fan/player interactions at spring training. Any advice?

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