Nearing End of Phase 1

End of the month and end of the pre-spring game workouts.  Ooops, leap year.  So there’s another day to February and two more days of workouts, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday is a game day, well, sort of, as Florida State University and the Phillies play at 1 o’clock in the afternoon at Bright House Field.  Gates open at 10:30 a.m.

Bright sunshine greeted the players today at Carpenter Complex.  Same routine, exercises, long-tossing, fundamentals, batting practice and more conditioning.

From my experience, spring training has three phases: can’t wait to get here, can’t wait to start playing games, can’t wait to start the regular season.  We’re closing out phase one.

Streak Broken
Chris Wheeler, one of the Phillies TV broadcasters, will be behind the PA microphone on Wednesday.  As an assistant in PR 40 years ago, the PA announcer at Jack Russell Stadium didn’t show and I asked Wheels if he could do it. He didn’t hesitate. It started a long streak, not the same as Cal Ripken Jr.’s streak, however.

When the Phillies had a TV game, Wheels would switch booths, PA to TV, on the press box level.  That usually happened anywhere from three to six times a spring.

This spring every Bright House Field game will be on TV, either Comcast SportsNet, the Comcast Network or MyPhil.  So Wheels will not be heard at the ballpark.

All road games will be on radio, WPHT and 94WIP. 

Of course TV is also a source for watching games and some games can also be heard on  ESPN will also televise three games from Clearwater.  Check out the spring training schedule on for the dates.

Spring Training Memories
Ryan Howard
“Ten years ago in the minor league camp at Carpenter Complex.  Wore a high number, something like 65 or 72.  Let’s see a roommate?  Either Danny Gonzalez or Chris Roberson.  Remember going through a physical exam and then right out gate, a mandatory two-mile run.  If you didn’t do it in 16 minutes or less, you had to attend the breakfast club.  That meant you had to show up every morning at 6:30 and run two miles until you met the time limit.  I never made the breakfast club, fortunately.  Went from Clearwater to Lakewood.”

For Alumni spring training memories, check out



Will the home games be on the radio as well? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Home Games will not be on radio during spring training.

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