Full Squad Draws More Fans

Day 6 is the first full squad workout.  57 players on the fields at Carpenter Complex.  More players on the fields meant more fans wondering around the complex.  Many more fans.

The day started with exercises around 10:10 a.m.  Fundamentals, both in discussion form and on the field form, followed.  Pitchers did their usual long tossing program and groups 3-4 threw off the mound.  Groups 1-2 bunted in the indoor cages at Bright House Field.

During bunt defense drills on the Schmidt and Ashburn fields, everyone was involved, except Howard.  He stood off to the side as he’s not ready for a lot of activity.

Batting practice started right after noon on all four fields.  Fans love BP.

Hitting Groups
1—Galvis, Gillies, Lerud, Mayberry, Polanco, Schneider, Victorino.
2—Brown, Howard, Luna, Montanez, Pence, Pierre, Thome.
3—Garcia, Hernandez, Kratz, Nix, Podsednik, Utley, Wigginton.
4—Frandsen, Gosewisch, Martinez, Orr, Rollins, Ruiz, Valle.

Pitchers ended with conditioning at noon; hitters at 12:35 p.m.  The 10-a.m. to 12:45 p.m. routine will continue through Tuesday.

Prior to the Saturday and Sunday workouts, all players will be scheduled for dermatology exams, oral cancer screening and eye screening.

Majestic, manufacturer of the uniforms, will be there on Saturday morning to measure every player.  The order will include two home and two road uniforms for every player.  Extra pants for position players and for some starting pitchers, a third jersey.

Spring Training Memories
Ricky Bottalico (RHP, 1994-98; 2001-02)
“My first spring was 1992 with the Phillies minor leaguers. I lived in a small apartment near the bay with another pitcher, Dan Brown. I remember walking in the clubhouse at Carpenter Complex and seeing a No. 9 with my name on it hanging in a locker. I felt strange that first day because I really didn’t know most of the minor leaguers and there were a lot of them.
“I really loved spring training every year because I was getting out of cold weather and playing baseball. It was work but it was fun work. I enjoyed the rare chances we had to play some golf. What didn’t I like? My performance. I was a terrible, terrible spring training pitcher. I couldn’t get anyone out.”

More Alumni spring training memories can be found at www.phillies.com/alumni.


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Batting group 2 must be quite a show

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