Day 5

All the position players are now in camp as scheduled.  Physicals are in order today.  All also took batting practice at Bright House Field.

Players have to be dressed at 9:15 a.m. Friday.  Introductions and Charlie’s state of the Phillies address are in order before the players head for the four fields at Carpenter Complex.  That should be around 10.  Workouts usually last until around 2 p.m.

Plenty of bleacher seats are available for fans to watch the practices.  Fan support so far has been great.  It will increase starting tomorrow and over the weekend.  Souvenirs and food options are available at Carpenter Complex.  The merchandise store at Bright House Field is open daily.

Pitchers did their thing again Thursday and will soon throw batting practice to the position players.

Chase met with the media after today’s workout . . . About 30 minor leaguers show up daily at Carpenter Complex to work out informally.  169 minor league players officially begin on March 1 . . . Mike Schmidt is expected in camp starting on Friday.

Spring Training Memories
Jack Baldschun (RHP, 1961-65)
 “My first camp was with the Reds minor leaguers in 1961 in Douglas, Georgia. My most vivid memory from that first year didn’t take place in uniform. I was from the North and experienced segregation for the first time. It was difficult to understand how blacks were treated. The next year, I was in the Phillies camp in Clearwater. I wanted to be a starter, Gene Mauch wanted me as the closer. I remember saying, ‘Let me start every fifth day and in between I can relieve.’ As you know, Gene didn’t go for it. Spring training was fun, being away from the winter, being in a warm climate and being with your teammates. I also enjoyed the fun we had with other families.”

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