Hollywood Treatment

Shane got a “Hollywood” welcome when he walked into the Bright House Field clubhouse around 11 this morning.

He was “Shaun” on a recent Hawaii Five-O TV show.  With J-Roll as the choreographer, an 8-foot red carpet surrounded by lights led to a director’s chair which was in front of Shane’s locker.   The back of the chair said Shaun.  A gold star with an 8 on it was pasted on the wall above the locker.

“How does it feel to be Hollywood?,” asked J-Roll as a smiling Shane approached his locker.  J-Roll tweeted the grand entrance.  Howard walked in, laughed and said, “Can I get an autograph.”

Every Hollywood event has a production crew that puts things together.  Meet Frank Coppenbarger, Director, Team Travel and Clubhouse Services.  J-Roll talked to Frank on Monday asking for the materials (red carpet, lights, chair).  Guess it comes under “Services” which is part of his title.  “I’ve had a lot of requests from players and this was a first,” smiled Frank.

Check out phillies.com for video of the Hollywood treatment.

What numbers players wear also come under Frank’s jurisdiction. 

Papelbon wore #58 in Boston.  When an established player joins the Phillies, Frank gets right to work on the number.  Because of Papelbon’s stature, Frank wanted to give him #58, which Bastardo had been wearing.  “They have the same agent, so I offered the agent several numbers for Bastardo and he chose 37.  DeFratus wore that number when he came up to the majors last year but Bastardo had seniority so I talked to Justin and gave him some options.  He wanted 79 because he wore that the in the Arizona Fall League.”

Day 3 was pretty similar to the first two days.  Today groups 1 and 2 did their throwing off the mound . . . Halladay met with the media after the workout and Howard is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon . . . Nix, who plays LF, RF, CF and 1B, worked on the half field taking ground balls at first base . . . J-Roll later worked out on the same field . . . A bronze Paul Owens bust will be unveiled by the City of Clearwater and the Phillies at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday outside the clubhouse at Carpenter Complex . . . Mike Schmidt’s arrival in camp (he was due in Wednesday) is being delayed so he can attend the funeral of Gary Carter.

Spring Training Memories
Cliff Lee: “2001 in the Expos minor league camp in Jupiter.  My roommate was Shawn Hill but I don’t remember my uniform number.   I remember it was crowded because of the number of players.  On the first day, you don’t know what to expect.  You soon realize there’s a lot of talent in the room and they are just like me.”

For Alumni memories, visit www.phillies.com/alumni.

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