Happy 100th

Happy Birthday to Edith Houghton, who turned 100 years young on February 12.  Ms. Houghton was a female baseball star in the 1920s-1930s in Philadelphia and New York.  Returning from World War II she contacted Phillies president Bob Carpenter seeking a job as a scout.

Carpenter finally agreed and Ms. Houghton scouted for the Phillies from 1946-52, signing 15 players, none of whom made it to the majors.  A member of the Naval reserves, her career as a scout ended when her unit was activated during the Korean War.

She’s been living in Florida for a long time and follows the Phillies as best she can on TV.

As a special birthday present, we’ve sent her her very own pinstriped jersey, HOUGHTON 100.

**Equipment truck arrived from Citizens Bank Park and was unloaded at Bright House Field this morning by Frank Coppenbarger and his merry crew.  Let’s hope the bats brought south weren’t the ones that went silent last October.  New year, new wood.

**Ruben, Charlie and their respective staffs will meet at 10 a.m. Friday at Bright House.  They’ll review every player in camp and discuss the daily workouts which are organized by Rich Dubee. Two days later pitchers and catchers work out for the first time.

**Communications Department has arranged for media meetings with Papelbon on Saturday and Howard on the 22nd.  Rather than having those two do multiple interviews, they will meet the media en mass in the lunch room.  It is the most convenient way for both the individual players and media.

**The Pope lives on.  Geoff Owens, grandson of Paul Owens, and his wife, Diana, became parents of a boy earlier this month.  They named him Paul Francis Owens III.

**Speaking of the Pope, the City of Clearwater and the Phillies will unveil a bronze bust of Paul Owens at the Carpenter Complex on February 22, 5:30 p.m.  Paul was the master mind in designing the complex back in 1967.

**Since there is no official workout scheduled for this coming Saturday, fans can try something different.  The Florida State Fair in Tampa will hold a lawn mower race this weekend.  Guess you could say the fair is on the cutting edge of exciting entertainment.

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