Happy Birthdays

A couple of more recent posted comments……..

**Paul Miller asked for a response to the Nationals’ “Take Back The Park” campaign.

Well, that really is up to the Nationals.  Don’t believe I have anything to offer other than Phillies fans are very supportive whereever the team is playing.  It just goes to show the passion of Phillies fans.

**Thanks to Phillies historian Dennis Orlandini for reminding everyone that the oldest living Phillie, RHP Freddy Schmidt, turns 96 today (February 9).  Among all former big league players, Freddy is the fourth oldest.

Today is also the birth date of another Phillies Alumnus, INF Moon Mullin.  He’s 95.  Next month, SS Alex Monchak also turns 95.

Then, there’s Edith Houghton, the first female scout to be hired by a major league team.  The Phillies hired her in the late 1940s.  On February 12, Edith will be celebrating her 100th birthday.  We’ll be sending a Phillies jersey (Houghton, 100) as a birthday gift.  For more information on Edith, check out the following publication: Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition.

Special Happy Birthdays to this unique trio. 

**Phillies Wall of Fame voting is underway on phillies.com.  Fans can vote up until 5 p.m. on March 14.  Lenny Dykstra has been removed from the ballot for obvious reasons.

**Congratulations to Alumnus Rheal Cormier on his induction into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.  Honor will take place on June 23.

**Phillies radio broadcasts can now be heard on FM, too.  WPHT 1210 will be the AM outlet; 94WIP, the new FM outlet.  Games can also be heard on MLB.com, including all spring training games.

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Curt Schilling is the runaway leader in the early vfan Wall Of Fame voting and that’s no surprise. He won about 220 games with a winning percentage right about at the .600 mark and he’sin the top ten all-time with over 3,000 strikeouts. He’s the only one with a shot at someday making the National Basaeball Hall Of Fame in cooperstown, NY.
What’s really surprising however is that fans remember the accomplishments of reliever Jim Konstanty and fan support has put him in second-place in the early going of Wall Of Fame voting. (Mike Lieberthal is third behind Schilling and Konstanty).
Konstanty was the 1950 National League Most Valuable Player and was the rock of the Phillies bullpen between 1948 and 1954 (sometimes switching to a starting role when deemed neccessary by his managers, Eddie Sawyer, Steve O’Neill, and Terry Moore.)
The last time I checked Konstanty’s margin over third-place Mike Lieberthal was signiificant.
These developments lead me to believe that the following scenario for the next few Wall Of Fame selections is more than possible:
2012; Curt Schilling; 2013 – Jim Konstanty; 2014;- Mike Lieberthal; 2015 – Pat Burrell (in his first year of eligibility).:

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