Answering E-mails

Time to check the e-mail bin………………..

Jason sent us an e-mail last week: “Is Mike missing his ring?”  Jason included a link to ebay which had a 1980 Phillies World Series ring for sale with the name Schmidt on it.

Thanks for the e-mail Jason. No, Mike still has his ring.  Manufacturers often times have sample rings that can surface for sale.  Best guess is that’s what happened in this case.

Marge sent an inquiry: “I have a Shibe Park doubleheader paper type of poster, April 26, 1943.  The Fighting Phillies vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The poster has pictures of Roberts and Simmons.  Simmons is wearing a Phillies shirt with the “h” missing.  Why is that?”

Unfortunately, Marge, we have no idea.  It would be helpful if we could see the photo.  Perhaps that would shed some light but can’t say for sure.  Our photo files from 1943 are basically empty so we having nothing with which to compare.

Then, there’s an e-mail from Jeff: “I hope the Phillies consider developing a Golden Era committee to consider Wall of Fame inductees overlooked by fans. The longer removed the more forgotten.  I would like to make a case for Ron Reed during the Phillies great run in the 1970s and 1980s comparing him to the Phillies best relievers of all time.  Ron was as valuable as any Phillies pitcher during that era.”

Appreciate your thoughts, Jeff, and your feelings about Ron, whom we affectionately call “Slinky” or “Bigfoot.”  You are correct in that his numbers are pretty impressive, pitching numbers that is, not his shoe size.

Since 2005, the Wall of Fame ballot as appeared on every spring training.  Fans get to vote.  The top five are then presented to a special Wall of Fame committee that consists of media, team officials and Phillies historians.  One player is selected each year.  That’s how the process works.

“Bigfoot” has been on the ballot every year but 2008 and 2009. When he didn’t receive a lot of votes, we took him off the ballot.  But, he’s been on the ballot since and will again be there next month.

It seems as if middle relievers or setup relievers didn’t get as much attention or credit as closers.  “Bigfoot” and Gene-o (Gene Garber) were great relievers in that era you mentioned but Tug was the closer and he was in the spotlight, right or wrong. 

Today’s game has a lot more focus on setup specialists than 30-40 years ago. Closers have gotten elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame but middle men are still on the outside in Cooperstown.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the fan voting turns out this year.

You mentioned a Golden Era committee.  We have considered a Veterans Committee, ala Cooperstown, for deceased Phillies such as Jim Konstanty, Jimmy Wilson, Pinky Whitney, Roy Thomas, Fred Luderus, just to name a few.  Our annual Wall of Fame induction ceremony has become a fan favorite and it is difficult to induct someone no longer living.  But, perhaps we can add a deceased player once in a while.  Welcome your thoughts.





Robin Roberts did not start pitching in the Majors until 1948 and he would not have been on a poster at that time.

The other commenter is correct – Robin Roberts didn’t arrive in the major leagues until June 1948. In addition, Curt Simmons also did not pitch in the major leagues until the last day of the 1947 season (9/28/47). Something is fishy about an advertisement that features them in an a poster from the 1943 season.

Speaking of Hall of Fame and veterans and all…

What would it take to get enough fans from both Philadelphia and New York to push for the Tugger to be inducted to Cooperstown by the veterans committee?

I know that he didn’t make the cuts when he was on the regular HoF ballots 20+ years ago, but you can’t avoid the facts that Tug is one of the few players who remains beloved in both Philly and New York. He was a part of World Series champion teams for both teams. I also make the argument that one of the reasons that players are inducted to Cooperstown is for bringing character to the game. C’mon… Frank Edwin McGraw was undeniably one of THE GREAT characters in baseball!!!

I believe that Tug McGraw is in the Phillies Wall Of Fame and he’s also in the Mets Hall Of Fame (largely because he was instrumental in Worlds Championships and NL Pennants with each team).. That is his appropriate level of stardom. Much likereliever Elroy Face is in the Pirates Hall Of Fam, but gets little national recognition, McGraw is not a realistic candidate for the National Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.
Check out the numbers. if Lee Smith is not yet in the National Hall Of Fame and John Franco appears to have little chance, then McGraw has no shot.

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