Congratulations to Tim McCarver

Tim McCarver, who played for and got his broadcasting career started with the Phillies, is the 2012 recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award, presented annually for excellence in baseball broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The 70-year-old will receive his honor on Saturday, July 21, as part of the July 20-23 Hall of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown, NY.

“Tim has been the face and voice of baseball’s biggest moments on national television,” said Hall of Famer President Jeff Idelson.  “His wit and intuition, combined with his passion for the game and his down-home style, delivers a trusted insight for viewers.”

“I deeply appreciate being recognized with the Frick Award. I’m genuinely, genuinely humbled by it,” said McCarver.

Following 21 seasons as a player (1959-1980), he moved into the broadcasting booth and has been there ever since. While a member of the Phillies broadcasting team in 1980, McCarver was activated in September, giving him a career that spanned four decades.  His last game was October 5 in Montreal, the final game of that season.

“I’ll never forget that game.  Timmy had a double, which turned out to be his last hit (#1,501).  When he got to second base, he was smiling and he pointed to the broadcast booth,” recalls Chris Wheeler.  “All of us in the booths were laughing.”

McCarver credits Bill Giles (then Phillies president) for his post-playing career.  “Bill came to me in 1977 and said when my playing days were over, the Phillies would have a place for me in the broadcasting booth,” McCarver recalled.

His broadcasting career started in 1980 on the Phillies cable outlet, PRISM.  “I was very fortunate to work with Andy Musser, Harry Kalas, Wheeler and Richie Ashburn.  Three great years of learning under that guidance.  They were so thoughtful in teaching me the broadcasting business, specifically what my job was a color commentator.  I’m forever grateful to them.

“I’ll always remember the advice Ashburn gave me in spring training in 1980, “Timmy, if you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it.”

In addition to the Phillies, he also broadcast with the Mets, Yankees and Giants.  Nationally, NBC, ABC, CBS and The Baseball Network.  He has been on the FOX network since 1996.  He’s won six national Emmy Awards for “Best Sportcaster/Aanlyst.”

Previous winners for the Phillies include By Saam (1990) and Harry Kalas (2002), along with Alumnus Bob Uecker (2003).

“What makes it particularly satisfying is that it comes on the heels of one of the greatest World Series ever.

“I’ve never seen anything like Game 6.  Talk about urgency.  One strike away, two runs down in both the ninth and 10th innings.

“My scorecard looks like a wreck.  I’m thinking of sending it to Cooperstown.  I’m serious about that.  I can’t read it.  But it was so much fun and so much that went on, as we all know,” continued McCarver.

“And this World Series, as much as any that I’ve seen, was about guys playing hurt.  I mean, a lot of guys.  Guys like [Adrian] Beltre, [Josh] Hamilton, that was pretty well chronicled.  But Beltre had a very, very painful [anterior cruciate ligament] and [the Cardinals] kept wearing him out inside with those sinkers and he kept fouling balls off his legs.

“And then [Mike] Napoli.  What can you say about him?  In fact, I voted for Napoli as the MVP, even knowing the Cardinals were going to win.  I don’t know if anybody else did, but Joe Buck and I both did.”



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