Same Old Story

Guess this classifies as old news since the announcement came earlier this week.  It is also old as in the same old story.

Once again, Charlie did not win manager of the year.  Puzzling.  And, it isn’t the first time.  He’s never won the award for crying out loud. 

All he’s done is reach the postseason five straight years.  He’s one of only two NL managers to do that.  The other was Bobby Cox, who was there 14 years in a row.  He was a three-time winner. 

Perhaps I shouldn’t belly-ache.  After all, Charlie finished fourth, which is an improvement over 2010 (fifth) and 2009 (sixth).  Maybe the baseball writers who vote are slow thinkers.

Yes, he was second in 2007 and 2008.  But second isn’t winning.

Then again, Charlie has a lot of company when it comes to Phillies managers and the writers’ award.  Only one has ever won, Larry Bowa in 2001).

The Associated Press used to give out the same award and the Phillies have fared better there than with writers: Eddie Sawyer (1950), Gene Mauch (1962, 1964), Danny Ozark (1976) and Jim Fregosi (1993).

OK, the writers’ award didn’t start until 1983.  But, in 1993, Fregosi’s Phillies went to the World Series.  Dusty Baker’s Giants finished second and he won the award.  Guess that classifies as old news.

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