Say hello baseball’s off-season.  Time for this report, then a different report, then yet another different one.  It is part of the process and unique to baseball.  You just don’t hear the same kind of rumors in other pro sports.

Years ago when Wheels and I were the PR team, he used to kid, “Baron, we should be the department of confirmation and denials.”  Seldom, it seemed, are announcements surprises.  Oh, it happened recently with Thome.

When more than one person knows a deal has been made or a free agent has been signed, it is tough to keep it quiet. 

Banquet Circuit
Tonight, Curt Simmons is among the 2011 inductees into the Philadelphia Pro Sports Hall of Fame. 

On Saturday, Shane Victorino receives the Branch Rickey Award for contributions in the community by the Denver (CO) Rotary Club.

Speaking of the community, Cole, through the Hamels Foundation, is having a pitching clinic on Saturday and Sunday at the Maple Zone Sports & Fitness in Boothwyn, PA.

Monday, the Jimmy Rollins Foundation is having a charity event at the National Constitution Center.  Sure there will be media coverage as they will pester J-Roll on his free agency status.

Awards Week
**Monday, the AL and NL Rookie of the Year.

**Tuesday, AL Cy Young.

**Wednesday, AL and NL Manager of the Year

**Thursday, NL Cy Young.

Following week will be the MVP announcements.

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