Interesting October

From the regular season to the postseason to the off-season, which, to many baseball fans, is an eternity until the next ballgame.

What an interesting October baseball experienced. 

Pre-season prognosticators had the Red Sox meeting the Phillies in the World Series.  But when the postseason began, the Red Sox were home watching on TV.  Before the month was over, Boston wound up losing a manager and general manager.

As everyone knows, the Cardinals got into the postseason on the very last day of the regular season.  They quickly sent the Phillies to the same couch with the Red Sox watching on TV.

The Cardinals got hot at the right time in September and stayed that way all the way to the World Championship.  Then, their manager retired.  Never before has that happened in baseball.

Legends are made in October was baseball’s promotional theme.  Say hello to David Freese, the Cardinals little-known third baseman who wound up on the Tonight Show as the WS MVP.  Freese had 16 doubles and 10 home runs in 393 at-bats during the season.  In 63 postseason at-bats, 8 doubles and 5 home runs. His 21 RBI set a postseason record. Five of those RBI came against the Phillies.  In the regular season, he was 2-for-11 against the Phillies. Guess he qualifies as a legend.

The Rangers made it to the World Series for the season straight year and became the first AL team to lose back-to-back series since the 1963-64 Yankees.  Twice in Game 6, the Rangers were one strike away from their first ever World Championship.  Painful.

Phillies fans thought they were pained by losing to the Cardinals this year and the Giants last year.  Both wound up as champs.

Experts poo-pooed the Rangers/Cardinals series as uninteresting.  In the end, it was the highest rated World Series on TV since 2004. 

The off-season can also be referred to as hunting season.  Free agency officially begins after midnight on Thursday.  Teams will be hunting for players, using giant checks as their bait.
Eternity?  Opening day is 153 days away.


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