Extreme Makeover?

There’s a popular TV show called Extreme Makeover.  Will that happen to the Phillies?  No one knows right now.

If J-Roll and Mad Dog leave via free agency, then the 2008 World Champion roster has undergone an Extreme Makeover.  That would leave Ruiz, Howard, Chase, Shane, Cole and Joe B as the lone survivors.

Ruben Amaro Jr. and his staff will be plenty busy this offseason.  First order of business is filling the role held by Chuck LaMar.  Interviews have been on-going.

Shane, J-Roll and Ruben met with the media on Tuesday.  Charlie will do the same on Wednesday. Todd Zoleki will have all the details on phillies.com.

Did You Know?
**Phillies have won 100 or more games three times and in all three they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

**Phillies out-scored the Cardinals, 21-19, but 11 of those runs came in Game 1.

**Over the final four NLDS games, Phillies had 23 hits and 22 strikeouts.

**Phillies team batting average over the last five postseasons: .231, .227, .227, .216, .226.

**On-base percentage during the regular season was .323, lowest since .322 in 1997.

**Last time the Phillies lost the NLDS, they won the World Series the next year.

Yes, it was disappointing, losing the NLDS.  It was hard to take seeing the Cardinals celebrate while Ryan was on the ground in pain.

Yet, 2011 gave us many pleasant memories that will last a lifetime. 

**Florida Instructional League program will conclude on Saturday. Stats aren’t recorded in the FIL so a statistical summary won’t be forthcoming. Look for some of the Phillies prospects to play winter ball.

**Arizona Fall League is underway.  Phillies prospects on the Scottsdale Scorpions include CF Tyson Gillies, 1B Cody Overbeck, 1B Darin Ruf, LHP Jacob Diekman, RHP Tyler Cloyd, RHP B. J. Rosenberg, RHP Colby Shreve

**Outfielder Danny Litwhiler, one of the top Phillies players of the early 1940s, died September 23 in Clearwater, FL, where he had lived for many years.  He was 95.  At the time of his death, Mr. Litwhiler was the fourth-oldest ex-Phillies player.  In 1942, he became the first big league outfielder to play in 150 or more games without making an error.  He handled 317 chances without a bobble.  In 1943, he extended his record to 187 consecutive errorless games.

**Eddie Bockman, who scouted northern California for the Phillies from 1960 through 1991, died on September 29 in his Millbrae, CA, home.  He was 91. Mr. Bockman scouted and was involved in the signing of 28 players who made it to the major leagues, including Larry Bowa, Bob Boone, Warren Brusstar, Mark Davis, Ricky Jordan, Randy Lerch, Buck Martinez, Dick Ruthven, Rick Schu, John Vukovich and Bob Walk.

Alumni Postseason Memories
What is your favorite memory of postseason baseball as a child? . . . What is the biggest change from the regular season? . . . What is your fondest personal postseason memory?

Larry Bowa (SS, 1970-81; CH 1988-96; MGR 2001-04)
“I remember my mom letting me stay home from school to watch the World Series.

“The biggest change is the intensity level.  It is much higher because every game is do or die and paying attention to every detail is important, the matter of winning or losing.

“My personal fondest memory is riding in the parade down Broad Street and seeing how the importance of winning affected so many people.  All of us, players and fans, were left with memories that we will have forever.”

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