Offense Hibernates

Five pitches into the game, a double, triple, single and two runs.  The Phillies offense got off to a sizzling start.  Then came the fizzle as once again the offense went into hibernation as they hd four hits and one run on the next 115 pitches.

Phillies were 3-0 in Game 4 of the NLDS until Wednesday night.  Roy-O was 5-0 as a starter in the postseason.  He had lost once in relief.  While the Phillies offense went cold it was Freese that did the damage to Roy-O.

So, there will be a Game 5 Friday night at Citizens Bank Park.  Two former teammates in Toronto, Doc and Carpenter, will hook up.  Loser goes home.

In seven previous postseason instances in which the Phillies held a 2-1 advantage, they won all seven.


Phillies will work out at 2:30 p.m.; St. Louis at 4:15 p.m.  Dock, Carpenter and both managers will make appearances in the interview room before the workouts begin.

Pinch Blasts
Ben’s game winner on Tuesday night was the sixth pinch-hit home run in Phillies postseason history:

Jerry Martin, 1978 NLCS (1) vs. LA.
Bake McBride, 1978 NLCS (4) at LA.
George Vukovich, 1981 NLDS (4) vs. Mtl. (walk-off)
Matt Stairs, 2008 NLCS (4) at LA.
Eric Bruntlett, 2008 WS (2) at Tampa Bay.

Phillies Postseason History
October 6 (3-2 record):
1950 WS #3 at New York: Phillies seventh straight one-run World Series loss, this one, 3-2, as the Yankees rally with single runs in the eighth and ninth innings.

1978 NLCS #3 at Los Angeles: Steve Carlton drives in four runs and strikes out eight as Phillies stay alive with a 9-4 win at Dodger Stadium. LA leads Series, 2-1.

1993 NLCS #1 at Veterans Stadium: Kim Batiste drives in John Kruk with the winning run in the bottom of the 10th, a 4-3 decision over the Braves.

2007 NLDS #3 at Denver: Rockies eliminate the Phillies in three straight, 2-1, in Coors Field.  Shane Victorino’s homer in the seventh ties the game but Colorado scores an eight-inning run on three straight singles to advance to the NLCS.

2010 NLCS #1 at Citizens Bank Park: In his postseason debut, Roy Halladay tossed a no-hitter in beating the Reds, 4-0. It is the second no-hitter in MLB history, the other being a perfect game by the Yankees’ Don Larsen in 1956.  Phillies win their seventh straight Game 1 of a postseason series, tying the NL record.

Alumni Postseason Memories
What is your favorite memory of postseason baseball as a child? . . . What is the biggest change from the regular season? . . . What is your fondest personal postseason memory?

Chris Coste (C 2006-9)
“I have several incredible memories, but the two that stand out are: 1) the pain and disappointment we experienced on the flight back to Philly after losing to the Rockies in 2007, but knowing that after overtaking the Mets on the last day of the regular season, we were going to go into the 2008 season with confidence and motivation… 2) running onto the field after Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske in Game 5–an amazing, dreamlike feeling of disbelief, combined with the euphoria of the greatest accomplishment a team could achieve.  People always ask what it felt like to win a World Series.  My only response is this: ‘try to imagine waking up one day and finding out you won the lottery.  That’s what it felt like–shock, disbelief, amazement, and every positive emotion a person could have!’  I still wake up on occasion and wonder if it all really happened.”


And they still couldn’t find any offense in game 5. Pathetic. What did Charley say? “If you can’t get up for game 5…well so be it.” It be it, Charley. You put hobbled players in the lineup who couldn’t get a hit off a tee much less Carp. Your bench players won half the regular season games, yet kept sitting all through the game, except for Gload…who is banged up himself. Why, Charley, why???

Perhaps ‘The Insider’ will shed some light.

Now, 8 days later and no response from Mr. Insider. Perhaps he’s already hibernating, too. But what should we expect, he’s a paid liar just like the 3 TV booth stooges who fed us hype all season. Pathetic.

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