Feeling Better?

For the third straight game, the Phillies looked more like the team that dominated for most of the season.  Prior to that, they looked pretty meek in losing eight straight.

Roy-O was outstanding again in his final tune-up for the NLDS and the offense did everything—base hits, stolen bases, home runs on Tuesday night.  Antonio, who had struggled big time, had an impressive inning.  All the anxiety has now been calmed.

They head into game #162 on Wednesday night.  A win sets a club record for a season and pushes Charlie ahead of Gene Mauch for most wins by a Phillies manager.

Steve, an avid follower, posted a couple of questions yesterday.  Concerning the NHL Winter Classic and season ticket holders getting ticket opportunities, I’ll find out and get an answer.

Other question: should the Phillies set a record for wins, thus giving St. Louis an opportunity for the wildcard and then playing the Phillies?  Or, forget the record so we don’t play St. Louis?

Well, I like the record. If I had a choice in the NLDS, I would prefer not playing the Brewers.  As Charlie has said, championship teams beat anybody. 

Going Where?
Frank Coppenbarger handles Phillies travel accommodations along with managing the clubhouse and equipment staff.   With the Phillies having the home field advantage throughout October, it simplifies his job somewhat.  He knows the Phillies are home Saturday and Sunday. He has a Delta charter aircraft standing by for possible departure on Sunday night or Monday morning.  He has hotel accommodations in Milwaukee, Phoenix and St. Louis. 

For the NLCS, add Atlanta to the mix.  For the World Series, MLB reserves rooms for the visiting team in numerous cities.

With Tuesday’s loss, the Braves have to show up Wednesday with their bags packed for three scenarios: getting eliminated and unpacking again; going to St. Louis for a one-game playoff, the result of which could be coming back home or going someplace for the start of the NLDS on Saturday.  In a nutshell: no trip, a one-day trip or a four-day trip.

Final Day
ESPN will be televising any game that has postseason meaning on Wednesday, the final regular season day.



“Antonio, who had struggled big time…” But the 3 TV booth stooges kept saying he was only struggling ‘a little bit.’ Someone’s lying. But then they say Howard’s only in a little funk. Zero homers is over 28 at bats. They must be afraid, or paid not to, step on the prima donna’s shoes…his feet are a ‘little’ sore you know.

With a few days off before the playoffs….any new words on th kids in the FIL in Florida? Any noted player happenings? Thanks

Ryan Howard hit so much better when he was using a “closed stance” rather than his open one this series. Back in June or July it was noticable that he could see pitches better and reach the ones that he looks so bad missing. It’s not too late to make the change. Someone just has to tell the big guy to visualize ir.

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