Century Mark

Monday night’s game had the makings of a postseason game.  Tight pitching, lefty relievers brought in to face the Phillies lefty hitters and clutch hitting.  That happed to Raul twice and he drove in two runs.

Cliff was excellent once again.  His 17 wins are the most for a Phillies lefty since Shane Rawley, 17-11, in 1987.  Cliff finished with 238 strikeouts, the most for a Phillies lefty since Lefty Steve Carlton had 275 in 1983.

Phillies reached 100 wins for the third time in club history, 101 in both 1977 and 1978.  Last NL team to reach the century mark, St. Louis in 2005.

Phillies postseason formula is based on stingy starting pitching and the ability to scratch out some runs.  That’s what got them into the postseason.  At times, the offense will pound out runs as it did in 2007-08. Ryan’s ailing ankle/foot makes limits him to one base at a time, which impacts the offense. 

Heading to Clearwater
Savery, Brown and DeFratus will not be on the NLDS roster but will report to the Florida Instructional League after the last game to stay sharp in case they are needed.  Joe relieved in the seventh inning Monday night to face a left-handed hitter and got a ground ball out.

Rosters can be changed for the NLCS and WS.

It’s Official
The Yankees played their final home game on Sunday so the Phillies led the major leagues in attendance (3,680,718) for the first time in franchise history.  The Yankees were second by around 27,000.

204 consecutive regular season sellouts are really something special.  A tribute to the passion of Phillies fans.

Phillies have 644 regular season openings in the history of Citizens Bank Park and they’ve sold out 380 of them.

What Was That?
In looking out on Citizens Bank Park Monday morning, there was something that resembled a race track or ice hockey rink in the infield from third base toward first base.

Race track?  No.  Ice hockey rink? Yep.  The 2012 NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic will be played at the park on January 2.  A great rivalry, the New York Rangers against the Flyers.  So, Citizens Bank Park will get a new playing surface for 2012.

NHL held a major press conference at 1:30 p.m. on a stage built on top of the Phillies dugout.

Alumni Views
What changes would you like to see in major league baseball?  Question was posed to Phillies Alumni.

Mike Schmidt, (3B, 1972-1989)
“Eliminate interleague play so the All-Star Game and the World Series would have the mystique of the old days.  Add DH to both leagues to level the playing field in terms of stats and player comparisons, because it looks like the DH is here to stay.  Also eliminate on-the-field fraternization by the players when the gates open.”

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Hi Larry,

That’s two pieces of great news–100 wins and the Januar 1 Flyers game! Two questions:

1) What do you think is better–the Phils getting an all-time record 102 wins but perhaps knocking the Braves out of the playoffs, or missing the team record but facing the injury-depleted Braves instead of the Cards? I love the idea of msetting a new record, but the Cards scare me, so if the record has to wait, so be it. Your thoughts?

2) Will Phils’ season ticketholders get a chance at the Flyers Winter Classic game?


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