All season long, the Phillies have done something that no other team in their history had done.

They are still doing it, but in the “you-got-to-be-kidding” mode as opposed to WOW.  Perhaps WOW is fitting.

Their losing streak now stands at eight in a row, longest one since they dropped the same number of games in 2000.  On the major league level, they have the longest losing streak for any team that had 98 wins.  The New York Giants of 1904 held that record, six in a row after 104 wins.

The offense continues to be unproductive, putting pressure on the pitching.  In game 1, a 2-1 loss.  Cole had no margin for error in that defeat.  Cole’s 1-0 lead vanished on a pinch-hit home run in the seventh.  He’s given up 18 home runs this season, eight this month.  In his nine losses, the Phillies have scored 11 total runs.

In game 2, six hits and two runs after two innings and then one run and four hits over the next seven innings.  Three times, they hit into double plays.

During the losing streak they have yet to score in the first, fourth, fifth and sixth innings.  Phillies home runs in the streak: two.  WOW-WOW.

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