Rally Towels Silent

Citizens Bank supplied rally towels for the fans for the final home game.  For most of the night, the towels were silent as the Nationals swept the four-games series from the Phillies.

In the Nationals’ history, they now have three four-game sweeps, two coming this month (Mets earlier in the month).  If you combine the Nationals and Expos history, it is the first time the Phillies have lost a four-game series at home to that combo.

Roy-O pitched well and kept the Phillies in the game until a four-run eighth sealed the verdict.  All six runs came with two out.  The four runs followed what appeared to be a game-ending strikeout but the home plate umpire called the pitch a ball.  That’s the way it has been going for the Phillies.

Earlier a ball dropped in right field and Washington scored two runs.

The one Phillies run came with two out in the last of the ninth.  The offense has scored 37 runs in the last 15 games, a 5-10 record.  Phillies went into the game hitting .223 in those games.  Four hits didn’t help that average.

J-Roll, Shane and Chase combined were 0-36 in the series.  They’ll bounce back and someone will pay the price when they come out of it.  From the All-Star Game until September 1, the Phillies scored the most runs in the league. 

After the game, the Phillies bussed up the New Jersey turnpike for a weekend series in New York against the Mets.  Then, the season ends with three games in Atlanta starting on Monday.

Ryan and Hunter are expected to be back in the lineup this weekend.  Has there ever been a team that had its starting eight in more postseason than regular season games?

NLDS begins on Saturday, October 1.  Rally towels will be back and so will the intensity and the offense. 

Final Count
Phillies finished with an attendance total of 3,680,718, breaking the club record for the fourth straight season.

In the eight seasons at Citizens Bank Park, they’ve topped 3 million six times.

Alumni Views
What changes would you like to see in major league baseball?  Question was posed to Phillies Alumni.

Mike Rogodzinski,  (OF, 1973-75)
“There is no way a DH should be in the game of baseball. The first group of playoff games should be seven games not five. The four teams with the best records should be in the playoffs. Just because you won your division doesn’t mean you’re in the playoffs. Most of all, World Series should end in October. That means less days off between games.”


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