Spin Continues

Hard to believe but here we are with one more home game left in the regular season, Fan Appreciation Night with tons of prizes to be given away to baseball’s most passionate fans.
All fans will receive a commemorative 2011 NL East Champions rally towels, courtesy of Citizens Bank Park and a set of Phillies post cards.
The home season certainly isn’t ending the way it started back in April, three straight wins and a 5-1 homestand.
Washington improved to 9-8 against the Phillies with another win on Wednesday.  Since clinching on Saturday night, the Phillies have lost five in a row for the first time at home since 2009.
The current spin is more than just the last five games.  In their last 13 games, they are 4-9 and out-scored, 44-34, with nine of those runs coming in Saturday’s clincher. Defensively, toss in 11 errors.
J-Roll and Shane have combined for three hits in their last 37 at-bats. The top of the order Wednesday night was 0-for-16.  It is best to get the funks out of the way now and not next month.
Alumni Views
What changes would you like to see in baseball?  That questions was posed to Phillies Alumni.
Ray Rippelmeyer, (CH, 1970-78)
“I would use even more replays to get the calls right.  You can’t do it on balls and strikes, but you could on other things. I like the wild card teams, but I would have seven-game playoffs, but not as many off days for travel and between series.”

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