Goose Eggs Galore

Nine runs in clinching the NL East on Saturday night.  Since then, goose eggs galore.
Phillies have scored a total of six runs in four straight losses, including two defeats on Tuesday to Washington.  What is really scary, those six runs came in three separate innings.  To put it another way, they’ve scored in just three of their last 37 innings (one, two and three runs). Folks, that’s not good.
In their last 14 games, three runs or less 13 times.  Folks, that’s not good.
Topping it off, zero runs in Tuesday’s night loss in which the Phillies had as many hits as errors, three.  That’s not good, folks.
Meanwhile, starting pitching continues to keep the Phillies in the game.  Folks, that’s good.  Pitching is what wins and the 2011 Phillies are living proof of that theory.
Joe Savery made his major league debut in the afternoon game, becoming the fourth bullpener this year, Stutes, Schwimer and DeFratus.
Worley, another rookie hurler, makes his final start Wednesday night.  After that, he’ll probably work out of the bullpen, his likely postseason destination.
Green Award
Dallas Green Award will be presented pre-game on Wednesday to long-time Phillies scout, 79-year-old Dick Lawlor, who scouted for the Phillies from 1975 through 2009.
Each year the Phillies will present this award to an amateur or professional scout who best exemplifies the Phillies standard for scouting while demonstrating the same loyalty, work ethic, dedication and passion as the award’s namesake.  It will also recognize the scout’s ability to judge not only a player’s talent, but also his character and heart.
Alumni Views
What changes would you make in baseball?  Question was posed to Phillies Alumni.
Dan Plesac, (LHP, 2002-03)
“I’m hoping for a better replay system in baseball. We have the technology now to get most or all of the calls correct. Find the proper way without slowing down the pace of the game.”


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