Offense Awakes Late

Doc was deprived of a chance to win 20 games, the Phillies offense came to life too late and the Cardinals finished the season as the only team with a winning record against Charlie’s bunch.

A couple of weeks ago, the four playoff teams were pretty well set.  Mike Ondo, Director of Professional Scouting, had everything mapped out for the last two weeks of the season.  All of a sudden, the Cardinals, the Giants and Rays have come to life, the Braves have stumbled big time and Ondo’s blueprint has been altered.  “We’ll start following the Cardinals the rest of the season when they leave town,” he said.

If the Cardinals emerge as the wildcard entry, they will meet the Phillies, whom they defeated six times in nine games.  Despite not doing well against the Redbirds, the Phillies finished 27-16 versus the NL Central, matching their best record set in 2008.

Doc, an 18-game winner, allowed four runs for just the fifth time in 31 starts this season.  He’ll start one more time this weekend in New York. 

The four runs hiked the Phillies team ERA from 3.00 to 3.01. Since earned runs officially became a statistic in 1912, 3.01 ranks as the fourth best in club history: 2.18 in 1915, 2.36 in 1916 and 2.46 in 1917.  Wonder about the Phillies worst ERA?  Try 6.70 in 1930, still a major league record.

Sellout was the 200th consecutive.  Barring a rainout, the Phillies will lead the majors in attendance for the first time in their history.

Now, the offense, which has scored 28 runs in the last 11 games.  What makes it even more scary, nine of those runs came in one game, Saturday’s clincher.  Monday night, two of the three runs came in the bottom of the ninth.

No sense in fretting about Monday night’s loss.  There’s a game at 1 Tuesday afternoon and then a 7:05 night game against the Nationals, who have the best record in the east against the Phillies, 6-8.  Look for Charlie to use a different lineup in each game, resting some of the everyday players.

Alumni Views
What changes would you make in baseball?  Questions was posed to Phillies Alumni.
Mickey Morandini, (2B, 1990-97; 2000)
“MLB should eliminate the DH.  Add instant replay for all plays (you get two challenges per nine innings and one extra challenge if it goes extra innings). Do not add playoff teams.  Have a draft salary cap and a salary cap for amateur foreign players.”

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