Shhhhhh, Offense Asleep

The inevitable will happen.  It is just taking a little longer for the Phillies to wrap up the NL East.
Once again, the starting pitcher was stingy.  Vance allowed one run in six innings before exiting with a 106-pitch account.  In 11 of his 20 starts, he’s allowed a run or less, pretty impressive for a rookie.
Once again, the offense slumbered.  That’s eight straight games of three runs or less, producing a 4-4 record.  Top four in the batting order were hitless in 18 at-bats.  That tells the story.
So, the Phillies are 30-40 in games in which they score three or fewer runs.  Now the shocker, that’s the best record for that category in the majors which is a true test of the pitching staff.
Earliest date in which the Phillies have clinched is September 26, 1976, in Montreal.  It is inevitable that 2011 will happen sooner than that date.
Following Lehigh Valley’s loss in the International League championship playoff, 4-1 (four hits for the second straight game), the Phillies recalled seven players from the IronPigs: LHR Joe Savery, RHR Justin DeFratus, C Erik Kratz, OF Domonic Brown and OF Brandon Moss. 
LV manager Ryne Sandberg will join the coaching staff for the rest of the season.
Alumni Views
What changes would make in baseball?  Question was posed to Phillies Alumni.
Bob Miller,(RHP, 1949-58)
“I would like to keep the DH.  Less replays, more wildcard teams is fine but keep the first round to best-of-five. One other thing, too many talkers in baseball broadcasts. Some of these former players talk way too much.  Let me just watch the game.”

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Bob Miller,(RHP, 1949-58) Thanks for saying so. Especially the 3 Philly’s TV booth stooges…it’s like they get paid by the word!

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