Goodnight Irene

Irene isn’t even here yet but the pending hurricane has created a day-night doubleheader on Saturday, following the movement of Sunday’s game to Saturday afternoon.  Sunday’s forecast is a very soggy one so the Phillies appealed to MLB to move it up a day.

So, the Marlins will face Doc and Cliff in one day.  It will be a restless Friday night for the Marlins bats nestled in the visiting clubhouse at Citizens Bank Park.

There is so much made today of pitch count, pitching on three or four or five days, days off and innings accumulated.

Well, back on September 6, 1950, right-hander Don Newcombe started both games for the Brooklyn Dodgers against the first-place Phillies.  It was the old-fashioned doubleheader in which the second game immediately followed the first game.  The usual time between games in those situations is 25 minutes.

Newcombe pitched a complete game, 2-0 shutout, allowing only three hits.  He was lifted after the seventh inning with the Dodgers trailing, 2-0.  Brooklyn rallied for a 3-2 win.  For the day, Newcombe gave up two runs on 11 hits and two walks in 16 innings. The record shows Newcombe lost his next two starts, allowing a total of 10 earned runs in 13 innings. 

Can you imagine the buzz if Doc walked to the bullpen on Saturday night to start that game, too?

Both games Saturday will be televised by PHL . . . Series starts tonight with Roy-O on the mound.  Phillies are 9-3 against the Marlins, outscoring them, 64-30 . . . Marlins play better on the road (33-31) than at home (25-41) . . . Since 2005, the Phillies are 118-76 in August, best record in the NL . . . Phillies are scheduled to fly to Cincinnati on Sunday. Monday’s game against the Reds will be on ESPN . . . Happy Birthday today: coach Billy DeMars, 86; RH reliever Fred Wenz, 70; RH reliever Jeff Parrett, 50 and RH reliever Ricky Bottalico, 42.

Alumni Views
What changes would you like to see in major league baseball?  That question was posed to Phillies Alumni.

John Herrnstein (OF-1B, 1862-65)
“I think baseball should standardize all the playing field dimensions (outfielder distances to fence) so every park is identical: majors, minors, college, etc.  Then all the stats would be truly meaningful; an apples to apples comparison.”


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