Back To Work

After a day off, it is back to business for the Phillies, with the Washington Nationals in town to start a six-game homestand.  Arizona follows for three starting Tuesday.

Phillies are 44-18 at home, coming on the heels of 52-29 last season.    That’s 96-47 which really shows Phillies fans are the 10th player.  It has to be intimidating for the visiting team with sellouts by passionate fans.

Wondering what is the club record for most wins at home?  Well, it goes back to the 1977 club, 60-21.

One more number, Phillies are 20-16 against the NL East this season.

Alumni Weekend
What a great group of fans showed up for the Alumni Luncheon for Seniors on Thursday noon in the Diamond Club.  We sold out the event, 250 seats.

Fans got to ask questions of John Kruk, Mitch Williams, Jim Bunning, Tony Taylor, Rick Wise and Tommy Greene.  As you can imagine, Kruk and Mitch were a comedy duo. They could have gone on forever.

Fans really showed their knowledge of the game and Phillies history.  They weren’t bashful in asking questions, either.  Scott Palmer did a super job as the MC as he always does.

So, next week, we’ll go back to the drawing board planning the same event for next year.

Alumni Weekend continues Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Check Releases on’s home page for the details.  Also on is a gallery of photos from the luncheon.  Just look for photos on the home page.

Alumni Views
What changes would you like to see in Major League Baseball is a question posed to Phillies Alumni. 
Marty Bystrom, (RHP, 1980-84)
“I think MLB should consider instituting instant replay for out and safe calls on the bases.”

E-Mail Bin
From Frances: I have followed the Phillies since1956. There was an announcer (possibly By Saam or Gene Kelly) who use a phrase during the 7th inning stretch: “tug on the cap, rub your nose, cross your fingers and knock on wood”. Would anyone know who used these words?

“Spoke with Chris Wheeler. He and I both agree the announcer who made those comments was Gene Kelly.  Chris and I were fans as kids and remember Kelly saying that.”

From Joseph: At Phillies home games, is the Official Scorer an employee of MLB and a part of the umpiring crew, or an employee of the Phillies? Help settle a bet!

“Official scorers are employees of Major League Baseball. Scorers are provided with a TV monitor and have access to replays. Clubs are asked to review their scorers after each season but the decision to dismiss or hire a scorer rests with MLB.”



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