Important Conference Call

Well, if the Phillies are going to win their eighth straight series, today’s game is a must win.  I know, I know, that isn’t a brilliant deduction.  Everyone can figure that out after the Cubs and Phillies split the first two games.

Who would have thought that Michael Martinez would have 11 RBI this month?  He came through once again Tuesday night.  Another three-rookie show: Martinez, Stutes and Bastardo.  Add Worley and Brown as two more rookies who are having an impact.

While what happens in Wrigley Field today obviously helps shape the season.

Back in Citizens Bank Park, there’s a conference call this morning that may also have an impact on the shape of the season.  Ruben Amaro Jr. conducts his weekly conference call with his staff, advisors, special assistants and pro scouts. 

You know they are not talking about bowling or the British Open or the weather.

Improving the ballclub on the field is an on-going process which intensifies at this time of the year, mainly because of the July 31 trade deadline.  The Phillies are just one of many teams working on potential trades.

Between now and then numerous websites will be flooded with numerous rumors.  Some rumors have validity, others are a writer’s dream and others potentially are started by player agents.  Everybody seems to get in the act.  For the media, it is a game as to who can break a story first.

Other pro sports also have trade deadlines but none have the major news importance as baseball. 

Stay tuned.

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