Love Petco Park

Citizens Bank Park has been a good home for the Phillies, a place where they have compiled an impressive record.  And, the fans love the place.

But, the home ball yard needs to take a back seat to Petco Park.  The Phillies completed a four-game sweep of the Padres there yesterday, their 11th straight win in San Diego’s park. That’s the longest road streak in the majors. Last loss there was August 16, 2008.  In the history of Petko, the Phillies are now 22-4 which makes it their pet park.  (Sorry, that is really corny).

Phillies pitchers gave up three runs in the four games and lowered their road ERA 1.90, the stingiest in the majors.  Overall, their 3.00 ERA trails only the Marlins (2.98) and Padres (2.95).

Doc was outstanding again, raking up 14 strikeouts and losing a shutout in the ninth inning.  Antonio got a one-pitch save.  Other Phillies pitchers who have fanned 14 include Chris Short, Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton (five times), Terry Mulholland and Curt Schilling.

Offensively, the Phillies seem to score enough to back up the pitching. 

Inside The Park
Shane’s inside-the-park homer was the first of his career in the majors.  In Phillies history dating back to 1900, there have been 244 such homers by 115 players. Club record for a season belongs to catcher Red Dooin, 5, in 1904. Outfielder Sherry Magee is the Phillies’ career leader with 19.

Good Thing
It’s a good thing that the Phillies have a deep and experienced starting rotation.

With Jose joining Brad and J. C. on the disabled list, the bullpen is a bit thin and less experienced.  Ryan becomes closer #3 on the season which means the others in the pen need to step up.  So far Antonio is doing that.

D-Backs Next
Chase Field in Phoenix has been a different story for the Phillies as they are 19-25.
Diamondbacks come into the three-game series (night, night, day) with a team batting average of .258 which is in the middle of the pack and a 5.16 ERA which is last in the NL.

Because of continued NHL and NBA playoffs, the Phillies games on Tuesday and Wednesday have been switched from Comcast SportsNet to The Comcast Network.

Down On The Farm
Lehigh Valley was 2-1 over the weekend in Buffalo, winning the last two games by the same 7-5 score.  1B Jeff Larish hit three homers (#4-5-6) . . . Reading was 2-0 in Akron.  Wins went to RHR Michael Cisco (3-0) and RHS J. C. Ramirez (3-0), seven shutout innings. SS Freddy Galvis was 4-for-9 . . . Clearwater was 1-1.  RHP Jonathan Pettibone (3-0) was Saturday’s winner with 7 shutout innings . . . Lakewood was 0-2 and outscored 21 to 18 at Asheville. (Reading, Clearwater and Lakewood were not scheduled on Easter).

What Would You Have Done?
What profession or occupation might you have chosen if you didn’t play baseball? The question has been posed to Phillies Alumni.

“I thought I wanted to be an architect, but I couldn’t draw a straight line,” INF Kevin Jordan (1995-2001).

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