Carpenter Complex Scene

Not a cloud in the blue sky.  Breeze from the south, temperature at 78 degrees. 

Not a seat was filled at Bright House Field for a very good reason…..the Phillies were in Port Charlotte to face the Rays.

Next door at Carpenter Complex, two minor league games were played on the Roberts and Schmidt fields.  Yankees and Phillies minor leaguers, AAA and AA squads.  Bleachers between the two fields were pretty much filled. Fans were also standing along the Roberts field first base side. 

Overhead, Dallas Green, Benny Looper and Chuck LaMar were observing.  When Michael Stutes walked to the Roberts field mound, Dallas moved to behind home plate from the Schmidt field, the perch above the field.  Stutes faced six hitters and struck out five in two innings.  As he exited, fans cheered and Dallas went back to the Schmidt field perch.

Yesterday, I mentioned there were six more Florida games.  Well, that was wrong.  Forgot that on Saturday, the Phillies will have a split squad day, Toronto at home and in Sarasota for the Orioles. 

Twins on Thursday and Braves on Friday will also be Clearwater games.  Friday’s game against a Braves split squad will be televised on ESPN.

Two interesting press releases were sent out today.

One was from the Phillies, announcing the new food options at Citizens Bank Park.  Yep, you can now by a Tastykake at a Phillies game.  Can’t beat that.

The other came from MLB, a report on the top individual player jersey sales of 2010, a top 20 list.  The Phillies have the most players among that group, four (Halladay #3, Utley # 4, Lee #5 and Howard #18). 

The report also listed the top 10 teams in the sale of officially licensed MLB merchandise.  The Phillies were fourth, behind the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers.

Phillies fans certainly are passionate about their ballclub.

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