Flock of Road Games

Road trip to Sarasota today to play the Orioles.  If you are on the travel roster, better be at Bright House Field for the 9 a.m. bus departure.  Players will dress and shower in Sarasota and then bus back to Clearwater, a tentative 6 p.m. arrival.  Those who are not on the travel roster will have part of the day off. 

Saturday is another split-squad day for the Phillies, one group will play the Pirates in Bradenton while the other will be at Bright House Field to take on the Rays.  Game will be televised on Comcast SportsNet and MLB.com.

That morning, starting at 8:45, the Spring Training USA Brunch will take place at Bright House Field.  125 Phillies fans are on the trip, one of three for the month.

Sunday, long ride south to Ft. Myers, this time to face the Twins.  Bus departure is 7:45 a.m.  With daylight savings kicking in at 2 a.m. on Sunday, what are the chances a player or two will miss the bus because they forget to move their clocks ahead?  Another telecast in Philly, this one on WPHL

Both games will be broadcast on 12110 AM, the Big talker, as well as the Phillies radio network and MLB.com. 

Sunday, the Legends Game will be played at Bright House field at 5:30 p.m., an event hosted by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. A number of Phillies Alumni will be there. 

That evening, John Brazer, Director of Publicity, will broadcast live from Bright House Field on WBCB in Levittown, PA.

Phillies are on the road again Monday (Kissimmee) and Tuesday (Dunedin).  Wednesday is a day off.  But, if you are looking for some free baseball, minor league games begin on Monday at the Carpenter Field Complex.  Two games are on the schedule each day, 1 p.m. starts.

One day, the AAA and AA squads will play (Blue Jays on Monday) and the next day, two Class A squads will be there (Pirates on Tuesday).  Don’t be surprised if some of the big league Phillies make an appearance in these games.

Alumni Memories
Opening day is fast approaching.  We’ve asked Phillies Alumni for their most memorable opening day moment, minor leagues or majors.

Jim Eisenreich, (OF, 1993-96)
“1993, my first with the Phillies.  We opened the season in Houston and I was not in the lineup but since my teammate who was going to start overslept, I was inserted in right field.  I remember making a catch down the right field line–it was actually a foul ball–but heard some fan comments about not being bad for an ‘old guy.’  We won the game which was the most important part of the day.”


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