Early Arrival

Somebody finally beat Roy Halladay to the ballpark this morning!

Ed Pendino, a Tampa-based radio engineer, arrived at Bright House Field at 3:45 a.m. to set-up a 94 WYSP radio broadcast featuring former Partridge Family actor, Danny Bonaduce. Danny flew to Clearwater on Sunday to spend a couple days broadcasting from the ballpark’s infamous Tiki Bar. If you want to catch his show in Philly, he’s on again Tuesday starting at 5:30 a.m. Cole, Ryan (Madson) and Chris Wheeler will be joining him on his show.

Bonaduce is an interesting story and a lifetime Phillies fan.  When he was four, the family moved from Philly to LA because dad took a job as a writer on the Dick Van Dyke Show.  Danny’s older siblings were big fans of Philadelphia sports teams and Danny followed suit.  While David Cassidy would wear a Mets jersey on the set of the Partridge Family, Danny countered with a Phillies jersey.

After 30 years in tinsel town, Danny moved back to Philly in the fall of 2008 in time to see the World Series parade.  He began his gig on WYSP early in 2009 and has been doing his show from Clearwater every spring. 

On Tuesday, he will throw out the first ball at Bright House Field.

Several other Philly area radio stations will also have shows live from Clearwater next month.  More information with be forthcoming.

Today, the Phillies played in nearby Dunedin, about a 10-minute bus ride.  They took BP at Bright House Field before boarding an 11:30 a.m. bus for the best kind of road trip, a short one.

The Oak Ridge Boys will sing the Anthem on Tuesday (Tigers at Bright House Field). Jon Bonsall and Richard Sturbin, half of the quartet, are native Philadelphians and huge Phillies fans.  They are performing Tuesday night in Lakeland . . . Tuesday’s 1 p.m. game will be televised in Philly on The Comcast Network (Tom McCarthy, Gary Matthews and Chris Wheeler) . . . Game can also be seen on MLB.com.

 A Fan Wanted to Know…..
“What is a “B” game? “How is it different from a split-squad game?”  “Are the rules different?” “Do the Phillies have a “B” game schedule?”

Spring training schedules are determined 3-4 months in advance.  To fill open dates, teams will schedule a split-squad game at a ballpark.  Admission is charged and the outcome is counted in the win-loss record. The Phillies will have a split squad on Sunday (home with the Rays; in Lakeland vs. the Tigers).

With a large number of pitchers needing game experience early in major league camps, teams will schedule “B” games, sometimes only couple of days in advance.  Games are played in the morning (either in a ballpark or a minor league training complex).  Stats aren’t kept and often times the number of innings can vary.  Pitching coaches and hitting coaches keep charts of the number of inning pitched or at-bats and “B” games do figure in those charts.

Because of their close proximity, the Phillies and Blue Jays will often schedule “B” games. They met on Friday morning at Bright House Field and have scheduled another on Wednesday (10 a.m.), this time at the Carpenter Complex.

(John Brazer, Phillies Director of Publicity, contributed today’s blog.  John didn’t mention it but he also arrived at the ballpark this morning to provide guests for the WYSP show.  Seeing the sun rise over the right field wall is special, if you like getting up that early).


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