Busy morning…off the field

Players were walking up and down the hallways of Bright House Field on a very busy Monday morning off the diamond. 

The crew that televises Phillies games was set up in the media room where pitchers and hitters posed for the videos and interviews that you will see during the season on Comcast SportsNet and MYPHL 17.   

At the same time Majestic, the official uniform supplier of the Phillies, had a crew in the  equipment room.   A steady stream of players stopped by to be fitted for their 2011 uniforms.  Frank Coppenbarger, who runs the Phillies Clubhouse, says baseball fashion has changed over the years.  Gone are tight fitting pants, replaced by much baggier ones.  Also, the pants drop down over the tops of their cleats so no socks ever show.
The players also heard from nutritionist, Katie Cavuto.  Katie always has the latest information on what to eat and how much so the players can fuel their bodies for peak performance.  The Major League Baseball Players Association also had a presence here today.  In the lunchroom the marquee players stopped by for head scans that will be used in baseballs newest video games.
The starting pitchers continue to be the subjects of photo ops.  On Sunday, the five starters had a session in the Carpenter Complex batting cages for the Phillies Magazine cover in April. Today, New York Times Magazine photographed the four starters (no Joe).   On Wednesday, the same four will be photographed for Sports Illustrated (2 p.m.) and USA TODAY (3 p.m.)  All 59 players will go through photo day Tuesday morning for media and licensees.  Generally 8-10 stations are set up in the indoor batting cages and outside starting at 7 a.m.

Media opportunities should slow down as the Phillies look ahead to their first game, Thursday afternoon, against Florida State University.

Mike Schmidt’s arrival was delayed until Tuesday . . . First Grapefruit League game is Saturday afternoon, the Yankees in Tampa . . . Same teams meet Sunday at Bright House Field.  Both games will be broadcast on 1210 AM, the Big Talker and the Phillies radio network.

(Scott Palmer contributed to today’s blog).

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please post any available info on dates,times and locations of inter-squad or B games ………

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