J-Roll Rolls On

At 32 years of age, Jimmy Rollins is the dean of the Phillies.  Or, Granddaddy, if you will. Yep, he’s been around longer than anyone else on the team.  In 2011, he’s headed for his 11th consecutive full season.
Only Larry Bowa has patrolled shortstop longer for the Phillies, 12 seasons, 1970-81.
Not surprisingly, J-Roll is putting his mark on Phillies all-time records, 12 different categories, to be specific:
Games: 10th (1,494)
At-Bats: 6th (6,291)
Runs: 4th (993)
Hits: 6th (1,714)
Singles: 8th (1,096)
Doubles: 3rd (366)
Triples: 4th (98)
Total bases: 6th (2,738)
Extra-base hits: 5th (618)
Strikeouts: 10th (797)
Stolen bases: 4th (343)
When his Phillies days are over, he’ll be ranked higher in each category.  Needless to say, he will be a future inductee into the Phillies Wall of Fame.


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