Scott Eyre Interview


At the 11th annual Phillies Phantasy Camp, which officially started last night, there are 22 Phillies “legends” participating in the camp. One of the legends is a former Phillie who helped the team win the 2008 World Series Championship…lefty reliever Scott Eyre.


Scott, what are you doing these days?

“I’m coaching my sons’ two little league teams and travelling teams while tending to my “farm” in Bradenton featuring 4 dogs, 5 cats and a frog”.


What’s your role here at Phantasy Camp?

“This is my first Phantasy Camp and am having a blast. Debbie Nocito from the Phillies asked me to be a special guest. I have no idea what that entails but think it means I’m the professional mingler. Last time I was here at Bright House Field, I left the bullpen during a game and found out how to get on top of the roof of the ballpark. It was a great view until the 10 security guards quickly escorted me down. It’s great catching up with guys like Larry Andersen, Mitch Williams and Mickey Morandini”.


What’s the coolest thing that you did last summer?

“I took the family, including four of the dogs, on a cross-country trip in our 40 foot RV while pulling a GMC Acadia. We started in Bradenton and trekked through 20 states, ending in Vancouver Island. Our highlight was driving through Yellowstone Park. My wife was desperate to see a bear. Unfortunately, we saw every other species except for a bear…still was an unbelievable experience. A scary moment occurred when we almost overheated trying to pass someone on a narrow pass near Vegas. Luckily, the RV survived and we were able to continue on the trip.


Do you keep up with the Phillies?

“Of course. I spend a lot of money on the MLB package and watch tons of games. I still root hard for my former teammates”.


How’s the arm?

“The arm is good. I throw so much BP to my kids that I could be the next Jim Morris. Maybe they could make a movie about me one day”!


What’s in the future for Scott Eyre?

“Right now, I am really enjoying retirement and spending time with my family. I’ve been doing some analyst work with I’m  not sure where that’s going to lead but having a great time so far”.


(John Brazer, Director, Publicity for the Phillies, is in Clearwater at Phantasy Camp.  He’ll be a daily guest writer for Phillies Insider through Sunday).



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