A Warm E-Mail

E-mails. The universe is crawling with them. 

Best part about some of the e-mails is the friendly delete button.  If you delete e-mails, where do they go?  Is the universe also filled with deleted e-mails?  Do they bump into each other?  Are they recycled?

Anyway, one e-mail that didn’t get the delete button was one sent by Frank Coppenbarger.  The grey-haired guy is the team’s Director, Team Travel and Clubhouse Services.

His e-mail was brief but warming:

“The equipment truck for spring training will be loaded and depart on the morning of Friday, February 4th.”  Yep, a truck’s journey from Citizens Bank Park to Clearwater is the first sign that baseball is coming quickly.

Simply put, it is January’s most welcomed e-mail!


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