Lee Jerseys Hot Item

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote how quiet it was at Citizens Bank Park.  Well, this place is buzzing today.

Cliff Lee’s return to Philly became official at a major press conference this afternoon.  The Media Room was packed. 17 TV cameras, over a dozen still photographers and a rows of reporters.  It was carried live by MLB.com, MLB Network and Comcast SportsNet.

The ticket office is selling Six-Pack ticket plans in record numbers.  The Majestic Clubhouse store was shoulder-to-shoulder with fans looking for Lee memorabilia.

Around 1 this afternoon, official Lee t-shirts arrived, #33.  Authentic jerseys with his name and numb from Majestic should be here later tonight or first thing Thursday morning.  But, the store is capable of putting that info on a jersey in a few minutes. That process was continuous throughout the afternoon.

The team’s commemorative coffee table book that came out in May (Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition) is a hot seller this holiday season.  Well, Lee’s photo is among the montage on the cover (lower left corner).  Must be honest, that cover was designed over a year ago. 

December 16, 2009, Lee was traded, setting off a wave of unhappy emotions by fans and the pitcher himself.   Now, he’s back where he wanted to be.  Phillies fans and Lee couldn’t be happier.  He talked about the passion of Phillies fans and how that impacted his decision.

Ruben said it would be a quiet winter meetings and it was.  But, the week after, WOW.  He delivered a surprising, shocking, stunning free agent signing.  Sort of like POW.

As everyone has written or said, the Phillies now have the premier starting pitching in the NL.  Folks in San Francisco would argue and they have that right because they are the World Champions, mainly because of their pitching.

Yes, pitching is the key to winning a championship.  Ruben acknowledged that pitching and defense are so key.

Some people say it is the greatest foursome in baseball history.  That may be a stretch as they haven’t thrown a pitch. Others say in modern history. 

They’ve been called the Fearsome Foursome, Fabulous Foursome, Four Horsemen.  Undoubtedly, they are the best this franchise has ever had. 

20 years ago in the Phillies Phantasy camp, one of my teammates was a pitcher named Kurt.  He sent an e-mail yesterday: “Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt….is that legal?”  Good question.

The depth of four outstanding starters also makes it possible to survive the nicks and bruises that pitchers can experience during a long journey of a season.  That’s a plus.

Lee’s signing has certainly created a buzz among the fans and media be it print, electronic or the online universe.  It also pushed the Eagles to the side as they prepare for a first-place showdown with the Giants. 

59 days until spring training.  It will be cool to see the rotation of #33-34-35 and 44.  Can imagine how many photo requests will come their way.

We’re living the greatest era in the 127 years of this franchise and it just got better.



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