No Respect For Charlie

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield once said, “I get no respect.”

Well, to me, the same goes for Charlie Manuel.  Once again, he didn’t win the manager of the year award in the NL.  Four straight division titles, two World Series appearances, one NL ring and one WS ring over the past four seasons.  Never once has he won the award.  Granted, Charlie would much prefer the rings to an award.

Well, to me, Charlie did his best managerial job in 2010.  A simple stat:  the straight eight was available for a total of 14 games during the regular season.  The total number of players on the DL: 18.  Wilson Valdez had 342 big league at-bats in 152 games prior to this season.  He had 333 playing second, short and third (111 games).

Charlie certainly kept them afloat when the postseason seemed like a dream in July. In the end, his team led the majors in wins, a first for the Phillies.  But, it wasn’t good enough for the writers who vote.  Not winning is one thing, finishing fifth is an insult.  Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

The Arizona Fall League ends this weekend.  Three Phillies farmhands have outstanding stats with the Mesa Solar Sox: 1B Matt Rizzotti, RH starter Joshua Zeid and RH reliever Justin DeFratus.  

Zeid has been shutdown by the Phillies as he reached a certain number of innings.  He’s facing a 2,400-mile drive from Phoenix to Clearwater.  You can read all about him in his outstanding blog.

While the AFL is ending, several Phillies are playing winter ball, including Dom Brown and David Herndon who will begin shortly in the Dominican Republic.

Blog Numbers
MLB has posted the top blogs for October.  Todd Zolecki’s Zo Zone ranks #1 in the writers division.

In the Fan category, congratulations to Phillies Phollowers, # 11.

In the MLB Pro category, the Phillies ballgirls are #16 and this blog is #17. 

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Looking Ahead
**November 19: Phillies need to file their reserve list, which is  fancy name for the 40-man winter roster.

**November 20: Third annual Shane Victorino Foundation Celebrity Dinner and Golf Classic at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui.  The event is sold out so I’ll skip it.

**November 23: Deadline for teams to offer arbitration to their free agents. 

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Thank you :O) And you always do a great job here!
I agree about Charlie; he was totally robbed…again. And 5th place? It is like all these people voting resent him for being successful. It is a real shame.


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