Players March On

Once the Phillies were eliminated, it was time to focus on the future.  Several moves have taken place and chances are none will return to the Phillies, but you never know.

J. C. Romero, Jamie Moyer and Greg Dobbs have departed.

While they may be gone, they won’t be forgotten as they were members of the 2008 World Champion Phillies.  They will forever be remembered and revered because they are champions.

For decades, the 1950 Whiz Kids lived in the memory banks of our fans.  Then, the 1980 World Champions.  Father Time has reduced the Whiz Kids to a few and the ’80 bunch are now 30 years removed from their Broad Street parade.

But, the 2008 champs are fresh in our minds and will live there for many generations.

Thanks, J. C., Jamie and Greg.  You’ll always be in our hearts.


I’m sure there are many people that are better Phillie’s fans then I. I have rooted for them since the mid 50s.

The frustration during that time was hugh. Some of that time the team was rumored to be a tax dodge for a rich Philadephia family. But I supported them all that time. I played against some of the pitchers on a visit from them to my high school. Trying to name drop, Green, Simmons, and Short. I’m not sure because it was a long long time ago. I lost a lot of sleep and cash in 1964. At Gitmo their games was broadcast on radio in early morning.

My point is the team did a lot of amazing things on the field. They won and lost games the were trailing by 6 runs or more in the 9th inning. They made fantastic plays all over the field.

But I do not remember any front office person give an enormous contrat to a person with two years to go on their contract. The team is the Phillies not the Howards.

Anyway I got this off my chest. Go Phillies.

Thanks to all the players you gave us a fun year. I remember the Whiz Kids – had an autograph book with all the players names in it. My brother lives in Hawaii now, Shane, and when we are on the phone during a game and you have a hit, home run his neighbors go wild. Went to visit again this summer and his neighbors and John from Kaneohe say Aloha to Shane and the Phillies. See you next year. Love, Cate

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