Who Are The Rangers?

Well, it is World Series time.  Unfortunately for Phillies fans, we’ll have to watch on TV this year.  With two teams west of the Mississippi in the WS, I’m afraid interest on the east coast will be minimal.

Mike Lopresti is an entertaining sports columnist for the Gannett Company.  He has a different flair for writing and many times comes up with the unusual, which I enjoy.

A couple of days ago he wrote about the Rangers: “Feeling a little Texas Rangers-challenged as the World Series nears?” was his lead.  He then listed 25 Rangers facts of varied significance. 

Here are a few:

**Leadoff hitter Elvis Andrus led the majors in one category this season.  He had 588 at-bats and did not hit a home run.

**GM Jon Daniels got his job at age 28.  That’s younger than seven of the Yankees’ starters in the Rangers’ clincher last Friday.

**Team president Nolan Ryan struck out 5,714 batters.  His 500th was a Minnesota Twin named Charlie Manuel.

**The Rangers went from first to third on a single 122 times this season–22 more than any other team in baseball.

**In the 15-team Cactus League–spring training in Arizona–Texas finished last (10-19-1); SF finished first.

**After the Cliff Lee trade, Lee started seven home games for the Rangers and they averaged 36,677.  When he didn’t pitch, 30,384.

**Bengie Molina is a catcher for the Rangers.  Before July 1, he was a catcher for the Giants.  So he will reportedly get a World Series championship ring no matter which team wins.

**The Rangers have lost seven straight games to the Giants in interleague play.

**The Ranges’ inaugural game in Texas was postponed by a players’ strike.

**Their last game as the Washington Senators ended in a forfeit, when fans poured onto the field in the ninth inning.

**No rookie closer ever had more saves than the 40 by Neftali Feliz this year.

**Of the previous 49 Texas-Washington seasons, 32 finished with losing records and 36 at least 10 games out of first place. Times have changed.

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