Give the Giants Credit

There’s a reason no NL team has been to three straight World Series since the 1942-43-44 Cardinals.  It ain’t easy.

The underdog Giants ended the Phillies hopes of history with another one-run win last night on our turf.  Say hello to a Rangers-Giants World Series on FOX.

Give the Giants credit.  They weathered a boisterous crowd, one that had “this place shaking” in the first inning said broadcaster Scott Franzke.  The Phillies had scored twice on three hits in that inning. The offense which has been consistently inconsistent did just that, not scoring the rest of the night.  They were 2-11 with runners in scoring position, 0-8 after the first inning.

An offense that produced 25 postseason homers a year ago, fell 21 shy of that total.

Again, give the Giants credit.  Over the six games, they hit better, pitched better and played better defense.  Two years ago Lidge was a perfect closer.  Wilson has taken over this year.

While it will take time to get over the disappointment, the 2010 season should be cherished.  Injuries dominated.  A starting eight that included seven All-Stars was hardly intact for most of the season. 

In July, it looked like they had no chance of reaching the postseason.  But, something happens after the All-Star break with this bunch.  They stormed back and won the division for the fourth straight year, a franchise first.  They swept the Reds but couldn’t conquer the Giants.

2010 was a long, roller-coaster journey that ended not like everyone had wished.  On paper, the Phillies had their best team in franchise history.  But, baseball isn’t played on paper.  That’s baseball.

Over the next few days, players will come in an empty and quiet clubhouse and pack for the off-season, their first without a World Series appearance since 2007.

There are free agents.  Some may stay, some may go.  The top three rotation starters are all back, which is good.  This team will be good again, enough to challenge for another postseason berth.

Look on the bright side….only 156 days until opening day in 2011!


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I am very sad today :O( The crowd was so nuts last night I thought we could will them to a win…didn’t happen. Ok, maybe next year…


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