Ear Plug Time

Here we are, Game 6 tonight.  Hope the Giants packed ear plugs because the passionate Phillies fans will be pumped.

Charlie and a player are scheduled to appear in the Interview Room at 4 p.m., with Bochy and a Giants player at 5:30.  Sometimes I think MLB gets carried away in having these daily interview sessions.  Charlie was there after Game 5, again yesterday afternoon and yet again today.  What questions can the media ask today that they didn’t ask yesterday? 

Rally towels tonight courtesy of Amoroso’s Baking Company and Pro Physical Therapy. Darren Daulton will be throwing out the first ball.  Miss America will sign the Anthem and Kane Kalas, “God Bless America.”

Game 6 History
Phillies are 2-2 in Game 6 of the postseason.  In 1980, they won the World Series and in 1993, they won the NL pennant.  In 1993, they lost the World Series in Toronto and a year ago, the Yankees won the WS.

This Date
Phillies are 0-2 on this date in their postseason history.  The 1993 World Series loss at Toronto came on this date and two years ago, the Phillies bowed to the Rays, 4-2, in Game 2 of the WS.


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