Step No. 1

Doc started it and ended it. 

The ace right-hander won his first game with the Phillies in the first game of the season, April 5, in Nationals Park.

175 days later in the same park, he won his 21st game as the Phillies clinched their 10th NL East title and their fourth in a row.  After being 7 games out in late July, Holladay and the Phillies battled back and ended it last night.

He was masterful in pitching a 2-hitter last night, throwing only 97 pitches.  He gave up a run in the very first inning of the season opener and then didn’t allow the Nationals another run in three more starts.  14 of his wins have been against the NL East, which is a big reason why the Phillies are the beasts of the east.

After 12 years, Doc finally tasted the champagne in the Phillies clubhouse.  Two other veterans, catcher Brian Schneider and first baseman Mike Sweeney, were doing the same thing also for the first time. Combined, the trio has 40 big league seasons, 2,767 games..  They were soaking it up…literally.

Winning the division is just step 1.  Three more steps to go. 

Visiting Military Patients
A bunch of Phillies will be visiting military patients today proving once again the quality of individuals who wear the uniform.

This Date
In 1919, the Giants beat the Phillies in New York, 6-1, in a game that lasted 51 minutes, still a major league record. 

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