Final Home Games…for Now

Hard to believe that the final three home games of the regular season are here.  For years, it was a sad occasion.  For the fourth straight year, it means more baseball for Phillies fans.  Hey, not saying the Phillies are there yet in 2010 but it is close.

Night, night, day with the Mets and then it is on to Washington, DC, for three and Atlanta for three.

Rally towels are back this weekend: Hatfield Quality Meats is Friday’s sponsor; Winner Ford, Saturday and Auto on Sunday.

Home Sweet Home
Phillies are 51-27 at home, the ninth time in franchise history they have reached or topped 50 wins.  Last time was 1993: 52-29. 

Of their last 46 home games, Phillies have won 35.

Club record for most wins at home is safe: 60-21 by the 1977 Phillies.

Final Count
A couple of weeks ago, I reported the final dollar dog number.  That was premature because there was one more such night….last Monday.

So, let the record show that 358,538 were consumed on six Hatfield dollar hot dog night, up from 324,767 a year ago. 

New Fan Service
For the first time in a big league ballpark, fans can order food from a limited menu and have it delivered to their seats.  This joint venture between MLBAM, ARAMARK and the Phillies will begin Friday night and run through Sunday.

Fans can order through their iPhone or iPod Touch and it will be brought to them in their seats. 

If you order a cheesesteeak will the receipt say iCheesesteak?

Ever Wonder?
Surely you’ve noticed when a catchers goes to the mound to talk to his pitcher, both hold their gloves over their faces.  Ever wonder why?

(A) They are giggling and don’t want anyone to see it.
(B) They don’t want the enemy to read their lips.
(C) They have bad breath.
(D) They are really talking about postgame dinner plans.
(E) Both are hard of hearing and are actually shouting.
(F) They are saying, “What are we going to do now?”



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