2 Runs, 2 Ejections

For the ninth time this season, Charlie had the “regular” starting eight in the lineup.  For the umpteenth time this season, the offense couldn’t produce enough runs for a win. 

Two runs in 16 innings produced a second straight defeat.  Two more ejections of Phillies by this umpiring crew.  Heck, the umpires had as many ejections last night as the Phillies had runs.

When you have long extra inning games, many times strange things happen.  The Astros scored two runs in the top of the 16th without hitting a ball out of the infield. 

Cole continues to pitch great and lose.  In 12 of his 26 starts, the offense has scored two runs or less 12 times.  When the Phillies scored in the sixth inning, it was the first run in 25 innings while Cole was on the mound.  Since his last win on July 11, he has eight winless starts and an offense that has produced 11 runs.

Most visiting teams wind up on the losing end at Citizens Bank Park.  Not Houston.  Astros have the best winning percentage among the enemy (.667) thanks to a 14-7 record.

Phillies have trailed the Atlanta Braves by 2.5 innings every day since August 16.  When we win, so do the Braves.  When we lose, so do the Braves.

What’s up Doc?
Happ versus Doc Halladay tonight in game 3 of the four-game series.  Series ends at 1:05 Thursday afternoon. 

Prior to that game, Phillies will salute Doc and his family for his May 29th perfect game.  Senator Jim Bunning, who threw a perfect game for the Phillies in 1964, will be there to make one of the numerous gift presentations.

The Phillies are the only National League franchise to have two pitchers throw perfect games.

Happy Birthday
Doug Glanville turns 40 today.


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