Same Crew, 3 Tosses

Charlie’s been tossed from six games this season, three by the current crew.  Makes one wonder.  Of the six ejections, Blanton has been the starting pitcher five times.  Don’t know what that means for Joe.

Tomorrow, the Phillies are hosting Baseball 101 for women.  Charlie will be part of the program that will take place in the Diamond Club.  Guess who will immediately follow Charlie on the program?  None other than Sam Holbrook one of the umpires in the current crew. Perhaps Charlie and Sam can get in an argument for the ladies.

Joe pitched well but the offense couldn’t figure out Myers.  Joe gave up his only run in the first inning.  It marked the 10th time in his 21 starts that he’s been scored on in the first inning.  Perhaps we should ask fans to wear their Phillies caps backward in an effort to turn around his first-inning troubles.

Cole on the mound tonight.   He’s 0-3 this month with the offense scoring two runs in those three losses. Two were 1-0 scores.  His last win was July 11, 1-0.

Hall of Fame pitcher and U. S. Senator Jim Bunning went through a similar spell in 1967.  The Phillies set a club record that season by losing 10 1-0 games.  Bunning was the victim five times and finished the season at 17-15.

Bunning will be back at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday afternoon as the Phillies salute Doc for his perfect game back in May.  The Senator will be involved in pre-game festivities.  The Phillies are the only major league franchise to have two pitchers who have tossed perfect games.


“The Phillies are the only major league franchise to have two pitchers who have tossed perfect games.”

Don’t the Yankees have 3 — Larsen, Cone, and Wells?

Have been to Baseball 101 in previous years, but unable to go this year. Would LOVE to hear today’s session with the umpire, especially after last night’s 14th inning “incident”.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Seems personal to me. Seemed personal throughout the series. Who checks the criminal class (Umpires). Who reviews the calls? I get a lot of “”bad Ryan Howard: lost his cool”. Who speaks for the abuse he received from Scott Barry? Who is this guy who wants to determine the outcome of the game, and/or wants to set the ni*&^% in his place? The complaints about Ryan’s “attitude”? What about the “attitude” of the umpiring crew?

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