Back in Business

Back in business.  Thanks for staying a Phillies Insider reader.

The dog days of August are here and September sizzle is right around the corner.  Tonight, the Phillies begin a stretch of playing 24 games in the next 23 days. 16 of those games are at Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies have won 15 of their last 17 games.

The next day off is Thursday, September 9.  In looking at the original schedule, the Phillies are off every Thursday next month.  But, a rain out in Denver has created a one-game stop there on September 2, the tail end of a San Diego-LA road trip.

Despite missing their #3-4 hitters, the Phillies have hung in there and are in two races, Eastern Division and the Wildcard.  Chase and Ryan will be back in the lineup soon which will be a big boost.  But, we shouldn’t expect too much from them out of the shoot.  It may take a little while to get their stroke and rhythm at the plate.

Familiar Faces
Sure Pat Burrell will get a warm welcome from Phils fans tonight.  He’s really come to life with the Giants and is on a hot streak.  If he’s in left and Aaron Rowand in center field, it will be like old-home week.  Rowand will look familiar with #33 on this back.  Pat won’t with #9 on his back.

**Chooch has 18 RBI in his last 17 games.  He’s one of the big reasons the Phillies are where they are.

**After an 18-game hitting streak, Raul is hitless in 18 at-bats.  This game can bring you to your knees quickly.

**33 games until the Phillies and Braves meet at Citizens Bank Park.  Then, the two teams play six of their last 12 games against each other.

National TV
ESPN will televise tomorrow night’s game (locally blacked out).  Thursday, the MLB Network will carry the game in limited regions.

From BlueClaws Blog
“Manager Mark Parent on why he has Albert Einstein as his screen saver on his office computer: ‘Someone in this room needs to be smart.'”



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