J-Roll Rolling

There’s little doubt, how J-Roll goes, so go the Phillies.

He’s really struggled since coming off the DL for the second time.  But, he’s beginning to find his rhythm at the plate and results show.  In the first three games of this series, he’s 7-13 (.438) with five runs scored.  So, this afternoon, the Phillies go for a sweep of the four games against the Rockies.

Another List
Here’s the top four for most pinch-hits in a Phillies uniform:
Greg Gross (117)
Tony Taylor (53)
Tommy Hutton (52)
Greg Dobbs (48)

Book Review
Came across the following comment from George Widman about the new Philadelphia Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition.

“It’s never made sense that publishers of books about baseball, baseball players, baseball teams, etc., seem so blind about baseball photos. This book turns that practice upside-down, with not simply an abundance of photos, but a collection and selection so beautifully done, it’s breath-taking. That the photos are so faithfully reproduced is the icing on a great cake. The research for and the collecting of these rarely-seen images must have been very challenging, but for the readers, it’s a walk-off grand slam. High-fives and a cream pie in the face (that’s a good thing).”

This definitive pictorial history of the Phillies can be purchased by calling 1-800-GO-PHILS.



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