Strange Weekend

This is going to be a strange weekend at Citizens Bank Park.  It is our home but we will be the visiting team, batting first and wearing road uniforms.  Plus, the DH will be used.

Because we are the visiting team doesn’t mean we have switched clubhouses or dugouts or that the team is housed in a hotel for a couple of nights.  But, with the Blue Jays being the home team, they get to take BP first.

The Phillies have had 77 consecutive sellouts.  But, that streak will not be broken since it is considered a road series.  Toronto’s average attendance is around 17,500, 13th in the A.L.  So, their average attendance will take a boost.  There are still some tickets available. 

Also strange: we’re 7-5 in games played in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.  So, those numbers will change even though we’re not there.

The Blue Jays are last in the A. L. in hitting and first in the most strikeouts.  But, they lead the majors by a big margin with 111 home runs.

Should be a fun weekend.

Historically, we’ve straggled in interleague play.  With three games left, we are 8-7.  We’ve only had a winning record in interleague play four times (11-7, 1999; 10-8, 2002; 8-7, 2003 and 2007).

June hasn’t been a friendly month.  We’re now at 10-10, although it seems as if we’ve lost more games this month than 10.  Last year we were 11-15.  Eight games are left this month.

An e-mail note from reader Dennis Orlandini:  Dane Sardinha deserves a special mention in your Phillies Insider column. He homered in his first game as a Phillie (6/24), but that was also his first career major league home run. It comes after 84 at bats and 92 plate appearances spread out over five major league seasons. It’s always good to see a guy who doesn’t quit, but perseveres instead, who gets rewarded.

Dennis, you are right.  That was a neat moment.

Enjoy summer’s first weekend!


It will definitely be like “bizaaro world” this weekend and could be a little confusing. We’ll see if it has any affect. I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Hope I cheer at the right time. LOL. Eh, I’ve been know to make an fool of myself from time to time. It was cool to see Sardinha hit that homer yesterday. Persistance certainly payed off for him. Good for him! Barb

I actually prefer this BP schedule and never understood why the home team always bats first. The fans like to see BP and miss most, if not all of it, because of the gate opening times. You can watch early from Ashburn Alley, but it is more fun up close. I was happy yesterday when I actually got to see an entire BP at home :O)


Three Quickies from an old, old , fan:

1. Is there no Phillies coach that can teach Howard how to throw to second base for a force out? Straighten out his elbow!!!

2. They say that “A NY minute” is pretty fast. I would offer Cole Hamels for Cliff Lee before the “A” was out of anyone’s mouth.

3. Congrats to Charley Manual for finally getting his lineup correct (Sunday, Jays). Not in terms of who but with regard to the Left/Right sequence. If he did it consistently, he’d win 10 more games a year and drive opposing managers batty.

I do not like the mental attitude of some of the players about this season so far. Sure, we are not going to win all the games–or even three fourths. It is hard to swallow for us as fans to not worry when the team goes into a large losing streak. They do not care–they are getting paid win or lose. What happened to the hit and run, or run and hit? The way you get on base is patience and selection. Home runs will come to the “home run hitters”. Wee Willie Keeler said it best “hit em where they aint”. The hitters are swinging so hard, they are taking their eyes off the ball. So what the last 3 seasons we have pulled it out the last few days of the season. Do the players think that the teams ahead of them in the standings are just going to stop winning. You go to the well too often, and the well can dry up.

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