End of Interleague Play

Well, back home and the final nine games of interleague play for this season: Twins, Indians and Blue Jays.  Remember, the Blue Jays series was switched from Toronto to Philadelphia on June 25-26-27.  Tickets are available for all three games.

Phillies interleague record against the three teams: Twins (3-3), Indians (3-3), Blue Jays (14-16).

Happy Ending
Stomach was kind of turning or churning or whatever after the Phillies lost first two games of the trip in Boston by a combined score of 22-4. 

Trip ended last night on back-to-back wins and a 3-3 record.  Defense, hitting, power, speed and pitching were part of the win, more like the vintage championship Phillies of the last two seasons.

KK was outstanding.  Radio voice Scott Franzke pointed out Kendrick is 23-3 when he pitches six innings.  That’s scary.

Welcome Back
So happy to see Scott Mathieson back in the big leagues.  The odds at making the big leagues are not great.  Those odds are further reduced when a pitcher has one Tommy John surgery.  Scott had two such surgeries which really drove up the odds. He’s worked hard and has made it back. 

Really happy for him, a great kid.

Draft Notes
The draft is over a week old but here are a few left-over notes:

**What do Steve Bedrosian, Bruce Ruffin, Dickie Thon, Benito Santiago and Jamie Moyer have in common?  All have played or are playing for the Phillies and all had sons who were drafted.

**C Chace Numata was the Phillies 14th round selection out of Pearl City, HI.  What sticks out about him is he’s only 17 years old.  Really makes a senior citizen feel more senior.

**Phillies signees were sent to mini-camps, one in Williamsport and one in Clearwater. 

Williamsport Crosscutters open a 76-game New York-Penn League schedule tonight. 

Gulf Coast League Phillies, who play at Carpenter Field, start their 60-game schedule on Monday afternoon in the Florida heat.

Enjoy a summer weekend.


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Add Gary Matthews to the list of guys with sons drafted :O)
Hey, how is your wife recovering from her surgeries? Hope she is doing well!


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