Where were you?

When historic moments happen, people remember exactly where they were.  I was walking in the office door at Connie Mack Stadium when President John Kennedy was assassinated. Will never forget that moment.

Tonight, the clock registered 9:30 p.m. when Doc completed the 20th perfect game in Major League Baseball history in Miami.  In my tenure, that’s six no-hitters for the guys who wear red hats.

I was visiting my wife in a rehab facility.  She had knee surgery 8 days ago.  The facility in Wilmington doesn’t carry Comcast SportsNet, so there was no way to watch the game.  After kissing her good-night around 9 p.m., I hopped in the car and turned on the radio.  It was the bottom of the 7th.  So, I heard the 8th inning on the way home and got to see the 9th inning on the TV in the family room.  I celebrated by going for an ice cream cone.

Where were you?

June 21, 1964. Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game against the Mets in New York, 6-0.  I wasn’t on the trip, instead performing my once a month weekend duty with the Delaware Air National Guard.  Didn’t know anything about what was happening in NY until I got home. (Yes, folks, cell phones didn’t exist in 1964).  Got home and the Ed Sullivan Show called wanting to get Jim on the show that Sunday night.

I remember where I was.  Where were you?

June 23, 1971.  Wasn’t on the trip that had the Phillies in Cincinnati on this date.  Was visiting friends for dinner in Middletown, DE.  They weren’t Phillies fans so I didn’t think I should ask to watch the game or listen to the radio. A time to be polite.  I glanced down at my watch and figured it was time to leave.  Perhaps I could catch the tail end of the game on the radio on the way home.  When I turned on the radio, By Saam, our broadcaster, said, “And, that’s it from Cincinnati.  Rick Wise hits two home runs and pitches a no-hitter.”  Final: 4-0.

Where were you?

August 15, 1990.  Veterans Stadium.  Terry Mulholland no-hits the Giants, 6-0. When you are a PR person, you can’t wait in the Press Box for a no-hitter to end.  I went down to the tunnel behind home plate in the bottom of the 8th and saw the end of Terry’s gem from there.  As soon as the game ended, I was on the field, trying to direct Terry to our radio and TV while also trying to set up a media conference with catcher Darren Daulton and others while Terry was doing TV and radio.

Where were you?

May 23, 1991.  Tommy Green no-hits the Expos in Montreal, 2-0.  Again, I wasn’t on the trip but saw the game on TV. 

Where were you?

April 27, 2003.  Kevin Millwood no-hits the Giants, 1-0, at the Vet.  Again, I was down by the field for the ending and the post-game media circus.

Where were you?






I hope your wife’s rehab goes well.

I was at the Bon Jovi concert at the New Meadowlands Stadium when I got a text saying Roy had a perfect game through 6. A little while later I checked again and I saw that he completed the perfect game. I broke out in a HUGE grin and clapped.

What a night! Halladay’s perfect game and a great show by Bon Jovi!!

Is the game going to be replayed? I would love to DVR it!

Laura 🙂

I was at the game sitting 2nd section up behind home plate, it was a rip off. I complained because I saw that Halladay was given a bigger Strike Zone. I complained and after review it was determined that 6 Marlins should have been walked, and walks issued to Phillies should have been Strike Outs!!! There should be an * next to that game!!!!!

Hey Larry…please tell your wife to feel better soon :O) I will be sending positve thoughts your way!
As for Doc’s perfect game, I was biting my nails in my living room in front of the TV. Only perfect game I have ever seen, start to finish.
1964 & 1971 – before my time
8/15/90 – I was watching it on TV while packing to go away for my first year of college…left a few days later.
5/23/91 – Fighting for the TV remote in my dorm’s community room…I won. ;o) Oh, and skipping studying for finals.
4/27/03 – I was actually at that game in the outfield :O)
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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